A Brand New Coaching
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Imagine asking the founder & CEO of a $10 million / year martial arts-fitness company ANYTHING.
Imagine getting personal guidance from one of the most successful school owners in the WORLD...
each and every week. That’s what M.A.N. is all about.

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Michael Parrella
Nick Dougherty A Letter From Adam Kifer:

Hey, Adam Kifer here.

And this is a RARE opportunity.

You don't often get to work personally with someone like Mike.

Most people in his shoes just don’t “give back” in this way. They just keep on making success for themselves and riding off into the sunset.

But Mike has set our industry on a path, and he wants to see it through.

He wants a martial arts business to be a labor of love that’s also lucrative and fun.

That’s what this coaching program is about.

Every week, you and a group of serious, action-taking school owners will be on a 1-hour call with Mike.

Every. Single. Week.

You submit your questions in advance. They get answered. You learn from the insights Mike gives to your questions and everyone else’s. You get guidance custom-tailored just for you.

The “interesting” thing is…

People who work with Mike don’t just grow their schools. They grow in other ways too.

My own life has become freer, more profitable, and happier as a DIRECT result of working so much with Mike.

He has honestly helped my dreams come true - and more and more of them are coming true every day.

If you watched the video above, you see what I mean. This isn’t about just making you more successful financially. This is about helping you build a real future, and an amazing life.

So if that sounds good - sign up now. Because this opportunity is NOT going to last forever - especially at this price.



Adam Kifer

This program is about growing more than your school.

But if that’s what you want, there’s plenty of that to go around:

Here's Everything That's Included:

Weekly 1-Hour Coaching Call with the Man Himself, Mike Parrella. ($1997/month value!)

Spend 1-hour listening to Mike himself, getting your most pressing questions answered. Get the guidance you need to get out of your current situation, and into the situation of your dreams.

Plus, you’ll get the benefit of hearing other school owners’ questions answered as well. They’ll ask questions you didn’t even know you had, giving you info that will revolutionize the way you do business.

Mike has never made himself this available before. Take advantage of this while it lasts.

1-Day LIVE Event! ($997 value EACH)

1 full day each year, packed with 8 hours of intense knowledge-dropping, individual guidance and critique, hot seats with other school owners, and more.

Multiple Team Parrella members share their cutting-edge secrets for success. These events are ALWAYS insane and people ALWAYS walk away with explosive info.

Can’t attend in person? No worries. You’ll get access to recordings as soon as they’re over.

(Breakfast and lunch are included, and the event goes from 9am - 6pm.)

Access to Martial Arts Profits Arsenal ($97/month value!)

The Martial Arts Profits Arsenal has gotten more schools more students FAST than anything in the history of our industry.

The cutting-edge, done-for-you Facebook ads, email marketing, SEO secrets, enrollment strategies, staff secrets and more are EXPLOSIVE.

It’s yours, free, with your membership to Nucleus.

Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group: ($97/month value!)

Although Team Parrella manages quite a few Facebook groups, the Nucleus group is the ONLY one where Mike will REGULARLY be active every week.

He’ll post his own great topics and discussions regularly.

AND, he’ll be chiming in on yours.

If there’s one group you want access to, this is it.

Even More
Success Stories

In case you need a refresher,
here’s the M.A.N. you’ll be learning from:

Michael Parrella
  • One of the most successful entrepreneurs in the HISTORY of the martial arts industry
  • Personally owns 6 of the most successful schools in the entire world
  • Only a hand full of other school owners in the entire world earn more than Mike ($10 million / year)
  • The online marketing efforts of his companies have generated close to 1,000,000 (one million!) PAID online trials for his clients. They use the strategies developed by Mike that he’s continually innovating.
  • Every company Mike has built has rocketed to the top of the industry, including FC Online Marketing websites, Marketing 4 Martial Arts print marketing, iLoveKickboxing fitness franchise (fastest-growing fitness franchise in the world), Parrella Consulting (close to 1,000 consulting & coaching clients).


“How is this different from every other coaching program out there?”

For starters, this is a Team Parrella program. No other group in the industry regularly produces such drastic transformations in their clients, helping schools who are on the verge of closing turn into total rock stars.

You’ll see just a small handful of those transformations on this page.

Next, Mike has ALSO been through those “other” programs that may have burned you. He’s been let down by the same tired, outdated, ineffective info.

In fact, one program actually taught schools how to take people to small claims court to force them to make their payments! The business model was to cash them out, then sue them when they wanted to quit or wanted their money back.

What kind of business is that?? Business should be ethical, fun, and should improve the lives of you and others.

Many of those other consultants are not exactly “role models” either. They’re up to their eyeballs in debt, getting cracked down on by the IRS for tax evasion, have extensive criminal records, and long, long histories and track records of screwing people over.

And these are the people teaching us how to run our schools?

Mike started his coaching programs to put those other guys out of business and to get schools the info they really NEED to grow, sustain, and survive - in an ethical, fun, and fulfilling way.

This program is full of UP-TO-DATE tactics that WORK. The advice is currently helping thousands of schools GROW and achieve FREEDOM like never before.

At the end of the day, that’s the real difference.

“What exactly do I get with my membership?”

As stated above, you get 1, 1-hour weekly Q&A call with Mike, access to Martial Arts Profits Arsenal, access to a, 1-day LIVE event.

“What happens if I can’t attend the live events?”

No worries - we’ll give you access to the recordings so you can still gain the powerful info. Fair enough?

“What has Mike Parrella accomplished? What can he teach me?”

Mike owns 6 schools that generate multiple six-figure PROFITS (not gross, profits). His companies FC Online Marketing and Parrella Consulting help close to 1,000 clients achieve unheard of profits and freedom in their schools every year.

None of Mike’s info is “recycled” or the same tired tactics you’ve been hearing for years. It’s his own “in the trenches” wisdom that he’s sharing with the industry to make running a school as fun, profitable, and exciting as it should be.

In addition, he founded iLoveKickboxing, the fastest-growing fitness franchise in the world whose locations often open with 300-1400 trial memberships PRE-SOLD before opening day.

Limited Time Offer

$1 down for First 100 Schools!

There’s a good chance this program will only be offered for one year. As much as Mike wants to make himself available and give back, his time is becoming more and more limited.

To reward the first 100 schools who jump on, he’s offering this insane program at just $1 down.

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